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Some items are in old identify item scale, so propably 'Divine' isn't right wc for them

Name Type WC Weight Specials Area
The mithril battle-axe of Fire Axe Impressive ILLEGAL Fire Damage Takhisis
The silvery battle-axe of Ice Axe Impressive ILLEGAL Cold Damage Takhisis
A massive black double-axe Axe Impressive Incredible Acid Damage Takhisis
Jinxed battleaxe of leprechaun Axe Impressive Narcotella temple
Bloody Axe of the WAR Axe Awesome
Axe named 'Persecutor' (Transparent) Axe Divine Superior Electric Damage
A heavy executioner's axe with a long handle Axe Divine
A heavy looking axe Axe OrcCave
Longsword Sword OrcCave
A shining steel sword Sword Superb Mastery system for pref Ariona
Feared staff of the souls [weak] Staff OrcCave
A rusty club Bludgeon OrcCave
Small hammer Bludgeon OrcCave
An iron mace Bludgeon Good Ariona
A glimmering javelin Polearms OrcCave
Black lance Polearms OrcCave
A long wooden spear with iron head Polearms Great Ariona
WeaponClass & Preff
WeaponClass Magic Preference
a non-existant a non-existant
an unsubstantial an unsubstantial
a tiny a tiny
a feeble a feeble
a lousy a lousy
a poor a poor
a mediocre a mediocre
a decent a decent
an average an average
above average above average
a nice a nice
a good a good
a very good a very good
a great a great
an excellent an excellent
an impressive an impressive
a superb a superb
an incredible an incredible
an awesome an awesome
a gigantic a gigantic
a divine a divine
a godly a godly