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Orc cave is a Midbie to Highbie area located inside the Noobieland.

Contains somewhat Fire sensitive and evil monsters for midbies and highbies.

Name Size Eq Aggro Special
A crippled orc crawling on the ground 118200 A heavy looking axe
An orc wielding a long javelin 204400 A glimmering javelin
A large orc 246200 A rusty club
Orc knocking wall with hammer 226400 Small hammer
The evil cleric 506600 Soft looking cotton boots
Crippled orc is crawling on the ground 304500 Longsword
A HUGE orc guard 1208400
Orc king 355900 Black lance
Dark black warhelmet
Shra the drow Archmage 2104500 On death,
becomes Ghost of Shra
The Ghost of Shra is floating here 3580400
Dark leather of life [dark]
Silver belt of Shra
Feared staff of the

souls [weak]