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Midbie area northwest from dragonstown

Name Size Eq Aggro Special
Sir Alis, Baron of Ariona 5273900 Along wooden spear with iron head
A hardened leather gloves
An iron helmet with noseguard
Sir Dhanan, Baronet of Ariona 3236000 A small leather horsewhip
An iron mace
An iron breastplate
Lady Mades'se, Countess of Ariona 10621900 An opal bracelet
A golden ring with blue sapphire
A beautiful silk robe
An enchanted diamond tiara
Sir Rendro, Duke of Ariona 19517100 A shining steel sword
A mithril gloves <shining>
The royal guard of Ariona 781700 Turns agressive if corpse found
A Rothdel's daughter 52000 Runs upstairs if alarmed
A Rothdel's son 33600 Runs upstairs if alarmed
A sexy redhead named 'Cerny' 154000 Runs upstairs if alarmed
Different variations
King Rothdel 11613600 An ancient sceptre Has quests
The royal guard of Rothdel 2194000