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Narcotella area, one of the hardest highbie eqmonster areas, also really hard to reach because it needs some ship sailing skills

Name Size Eq Aggro Special
Blue djinn of water 16917300 Can be bottled
Masked lady in blue armour 214800
Nintorannas, leprechaun and jester of Narcotella 13430800 Ring of jester
Blue ringmail
Malicious necklace
Rapier called 'Jestercut'
Jinxed battleaxe of leprechaun
Diniothanas, wandering minstrel 9421400 Amulet white as snow
Blue boots of bard
Strong silk mittens
Green straw hat
Red ring with runes
Black ring with runes
Turtle Narcotella the Chaotic One, unsurpassed virtuoso of disenchantment and destruction 42832300 Main eq monster
Gigantic purple octopus 8747300
Tall runelord in dark blue armour 859200 Long blue spear Yes
Viola, apocalyptic seeress and clairvoyant 10543100 White gloves of purity
Coral dagger
Light red boots of seeress
Wings of the mortified
Huge cave troll is acting as a slaver 1198100 Great steel warhammer
Soothsayer dressed in white robes 2555500
Large troglodyte miner 435700
Zealot in deep seablue cloak is planning ritual 33200 Blue crystal of teleportation