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In the beginning, as the Realm was made, Kanyantra added magic to the
world for those who did not possess the physical strength. Sodogar
was a powerful wizard but due to his chaotic ways of using his powers
he was banished from immortality. He vowed revenge and sought for
a way to return.

Sodogar started teaching mortals how to harness the power of magic
and as so, founded the Guild of Sorcerers. He taught for years and
as he saw his 'troops' to be ready he commanded them to attack the
wizards. But his students did not care for his personal war and he
was abandoned. Outraged, he started to research for a spell that
would destroy the whole Realm.

As the years passed and Sodogar grew older and weaker. He finally
found what he thought would be the spell he wanted. However, he was
too weak to use it and the spell backfired killing him in instant.

After Sodogar's reign the Sorcerers were left without leadership.
Centuries passed and the guild of Sorcerers became just a individual
members roaming the Realm.

When Janna appeared she wanted all threats to be removed. Sorcerers
being the thinkers who would not rely on 'faith', were her first target.
She sent goblins to hunt down and eliminate the weak guild of Sorcerers.
So started the Sorcerer wars and remaining Sorcerers were forced to
regroup and defend themselves. They abandoned their guildhall in
Winter City to avoid civil casualties. Lorac took the leadership of
the remains of the Sorcerer guild and by using his magic he built
the Tower of Arcane not far east from Arkham City.

Sorcerers around the Realm gathered there to share and research new
magic in order to defeat their unexpected foe. Many met their destiny
but with struggle the Guild of Sorcerers survived the war coming out
more collective and skilled than before.

The sorcerers established their newly organized guild to the Tower
of Arcane under Lorac's leadership. Lorac however retreated into
different dimension through the portal only few knows.

Sorcerers are powerful and versatile magic users that relies on
power of magic rather than physical traits.

Major stat: Intelligence
Minor stat: Wisdom

Sorcerer cannot join Nem or Healer guilds.

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