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Scroll Image Spell Pro Con
A scroll of Explosive energy Energy bolt of yours explodes with Explosive energy. Energy Bolt Adds explosion which causes extra damage Extra damage can hit another monster in room and aggro it
A scroll of Stormmaster You see yourself wielding a stormcloud like a Stormmaster. Lightning Storm Transmutes Lightning Storm into Damage Over Time Hits randomly, not all monsters at once
A scroll of Divine and Conquer You see image of missiles in double. Sorcerer Missile Chance of a Sorcerer missile to split into two  ?
A scroll of Sorcerer lance You see magical missiles swirling, infusing with each others into Sorcerer lance. Sorcerer Missile Chance of a Sorcerer missile to combine into 1 giant missile Less crits
A scroll of Great ball of fire You see yourself conjuring a Great ball of fire. Ball of Flame Casting ball of flame a 2nd time will increase size of current ball.  ?
A scroll of Mana is time You see a blocked hourglass, for Mana is time. Mana Shield No upkeep cost  ?
A scroll of Electric connection  ?  ?  ?  ?
A scroll of Earth grip You visualize yourself gripping your target with hands of soil. Earthquake Additional damage  ?
A scroll of Fire commander  ?  ?  ?  ?
A scroll of Hypnosis You see yourself giving Hypnosis for an insane person. Insanity  ?  ?