Main page

Short history.

Winterkill is a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) game. It is text-based medieval fantasy game of a type "hack and slash". Although player killing is theoretically possible in reality it is very rare. People are usually helpful, especially to newbies. And although most (not all) of the players are from Finland, the game's official language is English.

How to get started

The first thing you need to do is choose either to enter as guest, or to create your own character. If you want to check out the mud without making a char, skip to the First steps section. No matter your choice it is a very good idea to read help starting.

Creating character

When you want to enter the realm of any mud, you must choose who you want to become. The first choice to be made is what race you would like to become. There are a lot of races and you may see which are available by typing list. To see information about a given race type info (race name) (for example info kobold). But we shall not get into details - experienced mud players usually recommend:

  • human (it quickly gains experience, and is well balanced),
  • kobold (real experience maker, but requires some help from other players)
  • drow (gains experience a little bit slower, but it is easier to learn new skills and spells)

Of course you may decide to pick another race. You may always change your mind later in the game. Select your race by typing select (racename).

Time to pick your profession. Members of each profession group in so called guilds. A guild is more than just players - it includes special rooms where players come to study, NPCs who teach you or sell you helpful items and mostly - those are places where you may gain higher level as a character (level gives you more strength, wisdom etc.). Basically what we would recommend for a first guild is a shaman, but if you really dislike spells and would simply like to slash creatures with a sword take barbarian. This also may be easily changed during the game.

Finally you choose your alignment - do you feel like being evil, neutral or good. Some features of the game vary depending on that, but your alignment changes when you fight good or evil creatures, so no worries here.

First steps

You managed to log in, either as a guest or as a new character, now what?

Well, you start in our main town - Wintercity. Although there are many towns in Winterkill realm, this one is most often visited by players. You awake in Adventurers Guild - a place where players come to change their races, guilds or to seek quests.

Type look to look around. To look at something type look at (name) (try to look at yourself by typing in your character's name). There is a short for of this command: la

Initially you have no armour or weapons. To check what is in your inventory (basically - your pockets) type inventory or i in short.

Read again help starting :)

Ok, time to get some weapons and armour. Go to the Central Square of the Wintercity. Type south;east;north;north; or simply s;e;n;n;. You may press enter instead of ; You may have already noticed that information sent to you by the game contains a line: There are five obvious exits: east, west, north, south and teleport. So enter the teleport by typing the name of this exit. This room contains teleportation platforms to different areas with fairly small creatures (no point trying to attack a huge dragon, right?). But here you may also ask for beginners equipment. To do it type ask caster because shaman mostly casts spells (or ask fighter if you have chosen barbarian or other fighting guild). Now type cs to return to Central Square. To get to your guild to start your adventure go west;north;sha enter.

A last tip here: the first place to check how to fight creatures should be Newbie park (as the name itself indicates)

Getting help

You surely have a lot of questions. To seek answers you may either read help files

  • help - allows you to access help-files
  • newbie (question) - post your question to a channel seen by all players and wizards
  • who - see who is on line now. Players marked with I are currently away from keybord (idle) so they won't respond at once.
  • tell (playername) (sentence) - tell somebody something. You may ask for help specific players (Player representatives are those who will most likely give you all the necessary help)
  • ghost (question) - when you die this channel is the only place you may ask about anything
  • map - map of Wintercity available when you are at the streets.

Once again we encourage to read help starting, help directions and help equipment.