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Short history.

7th of January 1997, after testing lots of different MUD-types (including DIKU, MERC, other LPMud drivers such as MudOS etc), Cendor decided to try Amylaar with Heaven7 mudlib. He was a quite freshman back then, but very eager to learn coding muds! The host was something like Thanks for Pekka Sallinen (the prevailing person who was resposible of the internet-things in the library.) So, this is the day when Winterkill saw the daylight first time although it didn't have name back then :). Morry was the first mortal who arrived after Cendor, he soon became an administrator of the mud.

At the end of January 1997 Tank, the ancient Archwizard, gave the name Winterkill for the mud.

Since then many new things have happened. Many new players come and go, but Winterkill still exists.


Some useful information has been put on our wiki.

It is developed by players and for the players. You will find there information about the guilds and subguilds in Winterkill, equipment statistics and also maps and information about different areas.

How to play

Best way to start is to download zmud from it official webpage, or to choose another MUD client from You may also use telnet, but at least one benefit from using a mud client is syntax coloring.

Technical info


Port: 4000 (23 no longer works)