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Zerold, the crazy witch (undead) - 2351900 Xp

As you look this mighty witch, you feel very scary. You have no idea how nasty

this witch can be so you better stay away for good. Scary, but he looks also

pretty funny with his wrinkled face and big greenish nose.

He is in excellent shape.

Neck: Dark shimmering necklace of Zerold - Spr(9) Int(6) quick_chant(5)

Cloak: Cloak of Zerold - Str(6) Dex(5) Con(9) Wis(-2)

Wielded in both hands: The Legendary Blade of Witches - 2h Wc 55

   Health         : 100               Gender          : Male
   Strength       : fearsome          Dexterity       : fearsome
   Constitution   : fearsome          Intelligence    : fearsome
   Wisdom         : fearsome
   Offense        : excellent         Defense         : excellent
   Armousclass    : above average
   Zerold likes cold damage.
   Zerold likes magical damage.
   Zerold likes acid damage.
   Zerold likes physical damage.
   Zerold likes psionic damage.
   Zerold likes electric damage.
   Zerold loves poison damage.
   Zerold likes fire damage.
   Casts sucky and slow Disruption.