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.-.   .-.             _  .-. .-.   
: :.-.: :            :_;.' `.: :   
: :: :: :.--.  .--.  .-.`. .': `-. 
: `' `' ;: .. .; ; : : : : : .. :
 `.,`.,' :_;  `.__,_;:_; :_; :_;:_;

Wraiths, transdimensional beings from the Void. Totally devoid of
feelings, these entities are regarded as 'cold' by the other lesser
races. It has been speculated by some archmages that wraiths are from
a vacuum-like dimension. Some believe that they have stumbled upon
our dimension by mistake, and are not able to go back to their
dimension permanently. It is apparent from the atmosphere in wraiths'
vacuum-like homedimension that they are able to endure freezing
temperatures extremely well, and it is said that wraith's touch can
cause frostbites.  In our world wraiths resemble shadows if they
choose to resemble anything. Another consequence that has been noted
from wraiths' visit in their own dimension is that they are able to
render themselves 'invisible' for most of the lesser races with
command 'winvis'. Wraiths are able to float above the waters.        

Stats : 
  Strength       : average             Dexterity      : above average
  Constitution   : below average       Intelligence   : below average
  Wisdom         : weak                Hpregen        : average
  Spregen        : average             Epregen        : average
  Size           : average                              

Other info :
  They gain less experience than humans. 
  They can sometimes avoid death.
  They have an ability to see in the dark.
  They can float above water.
  They are quite fond of darkness.
  They are quite sensitive to sunlight.
  They are creations of foul magic, also known as undead.
  They don't have to eat.
  They are naturally very vulnerable to magical damage. 
  They are naturally extremely resistant to cold damage. 
  They are naturally a bit resistant to physical damage. 
  They are naturally extremely resistant to psionic damage. 
  They are naturally very resistant to poison damage.