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Astralis location

16 n;step inside light from WinterCity CS

  • Portal to random astralis floors is in West part
  • Astralis stone merchant is in North part

Astralis system

  • Random layout on each astralis floor
  • Monster's increase in size deeper you go
  • To unlock next level you must collect astralis stones and merge them with portal (merge stone with portal)
  • You can collect stones for force points and give them to astralis merchant
  • You can merge stones to make them more valuable (merge stone with stone 2)
  • You can estimate the stone(s) value (estimate stone)
  • Astralis merchant can sell you random eq with force points you get from giving him the stones

--Glorian (talk) 14:29, 14 January 2017 (UTC)