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Ninja have long been the mythical creatures that move in the shadows.
They are hardly visible but everyone knows their existence.
Recently, ninjas are beginning to move out of the shadows and appear to show
their real power. Ninjas has been discovered in recent days some observations.
They move very quickly in the shadows without being noticed. You never know
stroke on you if you were attacked by an angry ninja from darkness of shadows.
Nobody wants to be enemies with them. In recent years ninjas have been studying

different combat styles. Ninja can change efficiently from defensively sneaker
to ruthless killers in matter of seconds. Their well known weapons are
murderous nunchaku which ninjas have been used already ages in close combat and
in long-distance fights effectively used lethal shurikens.
Particularly a lot of ninjas movements has been observed near the Arkham city.

Guild Tree

Range Style
Brutal Style
Nerve Style
Black Circle Ninjas


The way of cobra
Fist of fury
Fingers of death

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--Deadchill 4:11, 30 December 2012 (CST)