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   Courtesy of Loctar's old pages, probably a "little" out dated though
Equipment Slot Weight AC Stats, skills, etc.
A Blazing Feather amulet -<Fiery Red Aura>- amulet 0 4 Hpr(5) Str(-10) Dex(10) Com(-10) Con(5) Spr(-20) Wis(-5) ColdR(-DEATH) FireR(+AWE) attack(-10) advanced_dodge(10)
A Blood Amulet amulet 1 5 Hpr(5) Str(3) Com(2) Con(5)
Amulet of beholder (*Berserk*) amulet 4 2 Hpr(6) Str(6)
Amulet of beholder (*Berserk*) <old> amulet 4 2 Hpr(4) Str(4)
Amulet of beholder (*Reflecting*) amulet 4 2 Hpr(8) Con(8)
Amulet of beholder (*Reflecting*) <old> amulet 4 2 Hpr(4) Con(4)
An Ancient amulet called 'One' amulet 4 12 Hpr(10) Str(10) Dex(5) Com(10) Spr(-10) Int(-10) Wis(-10) PhysR(+good) hit_accuracy(10)
Black amulet of King Dandarn <shining> amulet 1 10 Str(7) Dex(2) Con(5)
Golden amulet of Mortharon amulet 3 5 Str(5) Dex(10) Con(-5)
Misty amulet amulet 8 4 Hpr(6) Str(4) Con(5)
The amulet of Lokkak amulet 2 1 Dex(5) Com(5)
The Bronze amulet of 'Devils' amulet 1 2 Hpr(10) Str(10) Dex(-5) Con(-10) Spr(-10) Wis(-10) PhysR(-HOR) attack(10) anatomy(10)
Ying-Yang amulet amulet 1 7 Hpr(11) Str(5) Con(5) Spr(-11) PhysR(+some) attack(5) stun(3) berserk(5) parry(2) inner_strength(5) quick_chant(-5)
Bracelets made from the scale of Shai-Hulud arms 5 10 Hpr(10) Str(12) Dex(5) Com(6) Con(10) Wis(-10) PhysR(+ave) FireR(+AWE) ElecR(-HOR)
Bracelets of flames arms 3 5 Str(3) Com(1) Wis(3)
Bracers of Hell arms 3 8 Str(11) Com(8) Int(-5)
Leather bracelets arms 2 7 Hpr(3) Str(8) Spr(4) Wis(3)
Mithril Wristbands arms 2 8 Str(7) Dex(7) Con(7) Int(-7)
Platinum armplates called 'dioV' arms 3 6 Str(10) Dex(10) throw_efficiency(10)
Rotten bracelets of Veldor arms 5 10 Hpr(5) Str(5) Dex(3) Con(5) Int(-5) Wis(-3)
The bloody bracelets of Death <old> arms 2 13 Str(9) Com(6) Int(-11)
The Bracers of Phoenix -<Fiery Red Aura>- arms 0 1 Hpr(10) Str(7) Dex(10) Com(6) Con(7) PhysR(+good) FireR(+AWE) parry(10)
<=< Skull belt >=> belt 2 3 Hpr(6) Str(2) Dex(1) Com(3) Con(3) PhysR(+ave)
A Dark Swirling Materia <Swirly> belt 1 5 Hpr(5) Dex(5) Com(10) Con(10) Wis(-1)
A Mighty green belt of Strength belt 0 4 Str(2) Com(1) Con(2) Wis(-10) FireR(+ave)
Belt of contemption <*RED AURA*> belt 1 2 Hpr(13) Str(10) Com(8) Con(10) Int(-4) Wis(-3) PhysR(+some)
Belt of Shadows belt 1 8 Hpr(12) Dex(12) anatomy(10)
Chastity belt with rusty steel studs belt 15 5 Hpr(1) Str(8) Con(5) Spr(-10) Int(-12) Wis(-15)
Chastity belt with Steel Studs belt 14 10 Hpr(3) Str(10) Dex(3) Con(10) Spr(-10) Int(-11) Wis(-14)
Dragon hide belt belt 10 15 Hpr(5) Str(10) Dex(7) Com(10) decapitate(10)
Har'garah the belt of fear belt 1 5 Str(6) Con(5) Int(5)
Leather belt of Zerold belt 2 0 Str(10) Dex(2) Con(3) Int(-2)
Magically laced silver belt belt 2 0 Str(2)
Mahgi's warrior belt belt 3 7 Hpr(10) Str(9) Dex(5) Com(5) Con(5) Spr(-7) Int(-4) Wis(-8) PhysR(+ave) ElecR(+AWE)
Tarzan's leather belt belt 21 10 Str(1) Com(4)
The Bone belt of 'Immortality' <BrUtAl> belt 4 2 Hpr(15) Str(10) Dex(7) Com(7) Con(-8) Spr(-10) PhysR(+good) ColdR(+good) FireR(+good) dodge(5) parry(5) anatomy(3) strike(5) throw_efficiency(5) decapitate(6) vitality(7)
The Grimson toy kilt of Suckifer (+100str/dex/con) belt 100 15 Hpr(5) Str(5) Dex(5) Com(5) Con(5)
Arthur's cloak <*blessed*> cloa 4 7 Hpr(8) Str(8) Dex(3) Com(3) Con(6) Int(-15)
Black cape cloak 1 1 Str(5) Com(5)
Cloak of the bulgling mass cloak 2 35 Hpr(30) Str(7) Dex(15) Com(5) Con(15)
Cloak of Zerold cloak 1 4 Hpr(7) FireR(+some) advanced_martial_arts(5) hit_accuracy(5)
Dark cloak of King Dandarn cloak 3 10 Str(6) Dex(5) Con(9) Wis(-2)
Dark red cloak cloak 2 2 Str(2)
Glowing green cloak cloak 10 15 Hpr(15) Str(4)
Ordinary Goblin cloak cloak 0 4 Str(3) Con(2) PhysR(+little) critical(3)
The magical mithril cloak called 'DeMonZbaW' cloak 0 10 Hpr(5) Dex(8) Com(5) Con(8) Spr(5) PhysR(+ave) ElecR(+good) stun(5) attack(5)
Black steel boots feet 8 5 Hpr(10) Str(3) Dex(-2) Int(-5) Wis(-5)
Garath's boots feet 3 14 Hpr(2) Str(11) Dex(-5) Com(3) PhysR(+some)
Nice looking socks feet 1 1 Hpr(3) Com(2) PhysR(+ave)
Red flame boots feet 3 0 Con(5)
Redistron's steel boots feet 2 18 Str(1) Dex(2) Con(10) Spr(-20) Int(-12) Wis(-15) ColdR(+ave) AcidR(+ave)
Rigid leather boots of flame feet 4 5 Str(10) Dex(7) Spr(5) Int(1)
Riven shoes of speed feet 2 8 Str(2) Dex(4) Int(1) Wis(-7)
Riven shoes of speed {shiny} feet 2 8 Str(5) Dex(9) Int(4) Wis(-5)
Slimy boots feet 2 10 Hpr(5) Str(4) Com(3) Con(5)
Stone boots of Kaohele [gleaming] feet 15 14 Str(8) Dex(-5) Con(10) Wis(-3) PhysR(+ave) FireR(+AWE)
Stone boots of Kaohele [gleaming] <old> feet 15 14 Str(5) Dex(-5) Con(5) Wis(-3) FireR(+good)
The sandals of reflection feet 0 12 Dex(12) PhysR(+ser) ColdR(+ave) FireR(+good) AcidR(+ave) PoisonR(+good) ElecR(+good)
Ancient Gloves of BattleMastery <SHINING> hands 1 5 Hpr(5) Dex(8) Com(8) Spr(5) Int(5) ColdR(+AWE) martial_arts(5) advanced_martial_arts(5)
Dark red silk gloves hands 1 2 Str(10) Dex(5) Com(1) Con(8) Spr(5) Wis(5)
Flaming gauntlets hands 2 6 Hpr(12) Com(5) Con(5) Spr(-10) Int(-7) Wis(-7)
Golden fighter gloves hands 3 4 Hpr(10) Str(6) Dex(5) Com(4) Con(6) Int(-6) Wis(-9)
Spiked gauntlets hands 4 0 Hpr(9) Str(7) Con(7) PhysR(+ave) FireR(+ser)
Spiked gauntlets <old> hands 4 0 Hpr(5) Str(4) Con(4) PhysR(+some) FireR(+good)
Studded Leather Gloves hands 4 6 Str(10) Con(-10) Spr(-10) Int(-5) Wis(-10) PhysR(+ave)
Studded Leather Gloves (dusty) hands 4 6 Str(10) Con(-20) Spr(-10) Int(-5) Wis(-10) PhysR(+ave)
The Gauntlets of Deadly Combat hands 6 10 Hpr(10) Str(4) Com(5) Con(1)
The legendary alien-queen's gloves hands 1 8 Hpr(8) Str(10) Com(10) PhysR(+good) PsiR(+good) brain_sucking(10)
The legendary Alien-queen's gloves <shining> hands 1 10 Hpr(10) Str(10) Com(10) Spr(2) PhysR(+ser) PsiR(+some) brain_sucking(10)
A blindfold designed for utter idiots head 1 0 Str(8) Con(6) Int(-10)
A Crown with golden pattern head 5 3 Hpr(2) Dex(4) Com(2) AcidR(+good)
A dragon skull with two long horns head 2 25 Str(5) Dex(4) Con(4)
A Hat with golden pattern head 5 3 Hpr(2) Dex(4) Com(2) AcidR(+good)
Black steel crown head 6 5 Str(6) Dex(2) Int(-5)
Blood red helmet of Rage head 10 15 Hpr(10) Str(9) Com(8) Con(5) rage(5)
Dark black warhelmet head 3 2 Str(2) Con(3)
Dark silver coronet with blood red emeralds implanted head 1 6 Str(9) Dex(8) Con(7) Spr(-10)
Golden crown of Aquilonia with redy ruby embedded on it {dusty} head 2 38 Hpr(7) Str(7) Dex(7) PhysR(+ave)
Golden crown of Aquilonia with redy ruby embedded on it {shining} head 2 38 Hpr(10) Str(10) Dex(10) PhysR(+good)
Helmet of horrors head 4 2 Str(5) Con(3) vitality(5) devastate(5) blood_lust(15)
Rob's leather hat head 6 6 Hpr(1) Str(2) Dex(2) Com(1) Con(2)
Ruby eyes <(O)> <(O)> <V.3> head 4 1 Hpr(16) Str(10) Dex(6) Com(15) Con(12) Int(-15)
Ruby eyes <old> head 4 1 Hpr(8) Str(8) Dex(6) Com(4) Con(7) Spr(8) Int(2) Wis(7)
Sika Naamari named 'PigMask' head 1 1 Str(7) Dex(-8) Con(8) PhysR(+ave) advanced_martial_arts(7) martial_arts(5)
The golden crown of Neptunus head 4 2 Hpr(15) Str(8) Dex(8) Con(5) PhysR(+ave) ElecR(-HOR)
The spiritual headband head 0 5 Hpr(22) Str(10) Dex(12) Con(12) martial_arts(10) advanced_martial_arts(10)
A Leggings with golden pattern legs 5 3 Hpr(2) Dex(4) Com(2) AcidR(+good)
Brown Leggings legs 3 12 Dex(8) Int(1) Wis(1)
Damned leggings of Aquilonia {dusty} legs 4 18 Hpr(5) Str(8) Dex(5) attack(5)
Damned leggings of Aquilonia {shining} legs 4 18 Hpr(10) Str(12) Dex(7) attack(7)
Doomed leggings of Diabol legs 7 8 Str(6)
Kilt of Clan McCloud legs 2 2 Hpr(8) Str(8) Com(8)
Kilt of clan McCloud (dusty) legs 2 2 Str(5) Com(5)
Kilt of Clan McCloud (shining) legs 2 2 Hpr(11) Str(11) Com(11)
Leggings of the dragon legs 5 10 Hpr(6) Str(7) Wis(-3) dodge(4)
Lighted leggings of Razor (new) legs 15 5 Str(5) Con(5) Wis(-10)
Lighted leggings of Razor (old) legs 15 5 Str(5) Con(5)
Tarzan's loincloth legs 10 20 Str(5) Con(8) Int(-5)
Warrior plated leggings <indestructable> legs 6 5 Hpr(13) Str(8) Com(3) Con(5)
A necklace made of bones neck 1 9 Str(8) Dex(3) Con(8)
Demon spiked collar neck 4 8 Hpr(10) Str(12) Dex(10) Con(12) Wis(5)
Demon spiked collar <old> neck 4 8 Hpr(7) Str(7) Dex(7) Con(7) Wis(5)
Necklace of the 7th hell neck 1 5 Str(4) Dex(2) Con(2)
Necklace of Thousand eyes neck 3 5 Str(5)
A bronze ring of Goblins ring 0 1 Hpr(5) Str(2) Dex(2) Wis(-5) attack(2)
A red ring ring 0 1 Hpr(20) Wis(-20)
A ring of blood ring 2 1 Str(10) Com(2) Spr(-5)
A shimmering diamond ring ring 1 1 Hpr(10) Dex(8) Con(8) Spr(-20) Int(-5) PhysR(+ave) ColdR(+AWE) FireR(-much) absorb_damage(5)
A spiked ring of maliciousness ring 3 16 Dex(10) Con(10) Int(-25) Wis(-25) PhysR(+ave) absorb_damage(12)
An obsidian ring ring 1 1 Hpr(5) Str(3) Dex(5) anatomy(5)
Lava ring [gleaming] ring 8 3 Hpr(15) Str(5) Dex(2) Com(8) Con(8)
Redistron's oval-shaped ring ring 1 4 Hpr(1) Str(8) Dex(3) Con(1) Spr(-2) Wis(-1) FireR(-little)
Ring of Apocolypse <dusty> ring 1 2 Hpr(10) Str(7) Con(7)
Rusty iron ring ring 1 1 Str(1) Dex(2) Com(4) Con(2) PhysR(+ser) FireR(+good)
The ring of storm ring 0 1 Hpr(10) Str(2) Dex(4) Con(6)
Bloody red robes of Diabol robe 1 1 Str(3) Com(3)
Legendary warrior robe <*blessed*> robe 4 7 Hpr(10) Str(8) Dex(3) Com(3) Con(7) Int(-8) Wis(-10)
Legendary warrior robe <*Cursed*> <old> robe 4 7 Hpr(5) Str(5) Dex(5) Com(2) Con(5) Int(-8) Wis(-10)
The amber robes of Garath robe 3 10 Hpr(7) Dex(10) Con(10) Int(-12) Wis(-12) PhysR(+ave) muscle_flexing(10)
The burned robes of Garath robe 3 5 Str(9) Int(-5) whirlwind_slash(6)
Wanking Robes robe 5 3 Hpr(2) Str(2)
A beautiful looking iron chainmail torso 5 6 Hpr(15) Str(16) Com(15) Con(12) Spr(-15) Int(-5) Wis(-5) PhysR(+ser)
A beautiful looking iron chainmail <old> torso 5 6 Hpr(8) Str(9) Com(7) Con(7) Spr(-15) Int(-5) Wis(-5) PhysR(+ave)
A thick dragon scale mail torso 10 40 Str(10) Dex(10)
A thick dragon scale mail -<Red Aura>- torso 10 40 Str(10) Dex(12) Spr(-10) PhysR(+little) ColdR(-HOR) FireR(+AWE) parry(5)
Ancient scale mail known as 'Pk'Rak'ma' torso 13 42 Str(10) Dex(5) Com(5) Con(10) Spr(-10) Wis(-15) PhysR(+good)
Ancient scale mail known as 'Pk'Rak'ma' <old> torso 13 42 Str(8) Dex(3) Com(5) Con(8) Spr(-10) Wis(-15) PhysR(+good)
Big black plate called 'Armour of Terror' torso 10 30 Hpr(3) Str(7) Dex(4) Com(6) Con(6) Int(-5)
Demon spiked coat torso 10 20 Str(6) Dex(-2) Int(-5) Wis(-5)
Ethereal pewter plate of Garath torso 3 10 Str(15) Com(-5) PhysR(+ave) attack(3)
Furry leather armour torso 10 20 Hpr(10) Str(9) Com(7) Con(5)
Mithril mail of Oruba torso 4 10 Con(1)
Razor's Lighted Breatsplate of Crystals (new) torso 10 20 Hpr(10) Str(5) Com(4) Con(8) PhysR(+ave)
Razor's Lighted Breatsplate of Crystals (old) torso 10 20 Hpr(6) Str(5) Com(4) Con(5) PhysR(+some)
Red Dragon Scale suit <Light Aura> torso 4 2 Hpr(15) Dex(8) Con(12) Spr(10) Int(6) PhysR(-ser) ColdR(+AWE) FireR(+AWE) attack(-10) dodge(7) parry(7) absorb_damage(5) hit_accuracy(-10)
Red Dragon suit <Dark Aura> torso 4 2 Hpr(5) Str(13) Dex(-10) Com(12) Con(-10) Spr(-10) PhysR(+ser) ColdR(-HOR) FireR(-HOR) strike(7) attack(10) dodge(-10) parry(-10) anatomy(7) critical(6) Enhance_criticals(5)
Royal BreastPlate torso 5 10 Hpr(5) Str(5) Con(5)
The adamantite platemail torso 40 40 Hpr(15) Str(5) Con(4)
The Ultimate Evil Plate torso 20 40 Str(4) Dex(3) Con(4)
The waistcoat of defenders torso 24 5 Dex(18) Con(18) advanced_dodge(8) advanced_parry(8)advanced_riposte(8)