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Gratzhula the orc king - ? Xp

Gratzhula is an ancient orc (in orc standard), who has reigned

these caves for some time now. He has accustomed to the wealth

and is not going to give up his throne easily.

He is in excellent shape.

Wielded in left hand: Massive shield of the ultimate Chaos

Neck: A bone necklace

Wielded in both hands: Incredibly sharp looking sword made from stone

invis: A Blood Amulet

Your estimation gives you the feeling that the target has following attributes:

   Health         : 100               Gender          : Male
   Strength       : fearsome          Dexterity       : fearsome
   Constitution   : fearsome          Intelligence    : fearsome
   Wisdom         : fearsome
   Offense        : godly             Defense         : godly
   Armousclass    : good
   King likes with cold damage.
   King likes magical damage.
   King likes acid damage.
   King likes physical damage.
   King likes psionic damage.
   King likes electric damage.
   King likes poison damage.
   King likes fire damage.