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Ghank'ha'ruh the Royal Duke of Aquilonia (undead - 4582100 Xp

He is in excellent shape.

Eye: Eye of magical seeing (o)

Wielded in both hands: An ancient dagger called 'Demoralizer' {shining}

Hands: Dark blue gloves of Aquilonia {shining}

Head: Golden crown of Aquilonia with redy ruby embedded on it {shining}

Legs: Damned leggings of Aquilonia {shining}

(eq varies a bit, max 3eqs each time + eye)

Your estimation gives you the feeling that the target has following attributes:

   Health         : 100               Gender          : Male
   Strength       : fearsome          Dexterity       : fearsome
   Constitution   : fearsome          Intelligence    : fearsome
   Wisdom         : fearsome
   Offense        : fearsome          Defense         : fearsome
   Armousclass    : godly
   Ghank'ha'ruh dates cold damage.
   Ghank'ha'ruh prefers magical damage.
   Ghank'ha'ruh dates acid damage.
   Ghank'ha'ruh adores physical damage.
   Ghank'ha'ruh dates psionic damage.
   Ghank'ha'ruh dates electric damage.
   Ghank'ha'ruh dates poison damage.
   Ghank'ha'ruh dates fire damage.