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Located 16 e;11 se;12 s;4 se;2 s from Wintercity CS
There are two levels: upper one contains zombies and evil wizard, while deeper one has neutral citizens of the old kingdom.

Name Size Eq Aggro Special
A slave zombie (undead) 73600
A zombie is standing here (undead) 60100
A zombie guarding the entrance (undead) 87200
Sarak the evil wizard 198300 A silinter hat
Wooden staff
A servant is relaxing here after a hard day 33900
A beautiful noblewoman 4600
A slave is digging ground here with his bare hand 4600
A guard is keeping order here 72400 A bronze shortsword
A palace guard 100100 Lochaber axe
King of the forgotten city 1378400 Sword of Heroes