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Small area near snorhattar, This area hides couple really hard highbie eq monsters,

Name Size Eq Aggro Special
An old caretaker of the graveyard 1969200 Random equipment
Shovel of caretaker
killing him causes small freeze

Life Side:

Name Size Eq Aggro Special
Neam the wise ent 1556300 Ring made of roots 'Wisdom of Neam'
Breatplate made of rind of Neam
Hard to kill because carnivorous plants
Carnivorous Plant Unkillable Can't be seen
Randomly eats players

Death Side:

Name Size Eq Aggro Special
The grim reaper 32621900 Black robe made of cotton
Scythe of grim reaper
Randomly insta kills players
blocks moving further
Angqualth the twisted demon 18230600 Steel helmet <bloody>
Bloody ring of cry
Blade of Angqualth
Has twisted game to play

Spirits Side:

Name Size Eq Aggro Special
Aurana, the smal sprite augur 12129900 Small pink velvet blouse
Divine crown of sprites
Small thimble made of obsidian stone
Light green skirt
Destroys own equipments
High towering shadow from the oblivion  ??? Boots, black as the night
Gloves called 'when dreams become nightmares'
Black shin pads made of ebony
White sparkling ivory collar
Blue dragonscalemail
Mighty flail 'Triplespike'
Turns in to your worst nightmare
Generates items over time

Gods Side:

Name Size Eq Aggro Special
Gatekeeper guarding the portcullis 15376400
Taloca, Deity-being muse for music 15402600 Red scarab
Bracers of lost divinity
Dark crystal of ivory
Electrum dagger
Glowing white ring of angels
White priest robe of Sillaeh Berra
Snowy icesword called as 'Splitter'
Necklace of winners (not original edition)
Great Voulge of Trinity
Tiny wand made of electrum, bursting with tiny sparkles

You have to finish one of the sides before entering to Jungle


Name Size Eq Aggro Special
Calbanumbo, divine trinity of tricks, amusement and feelings 18755400 Crystal ball of Everseeing
Huge brown velvet belt
Tiger claws with a tearing edge
Snow white crescent of moon called 'Kantra Tarko Nerniara'
Dark crystal of ivory
A crimson shield with an X marking
Visored helm with blue plume
Zid, the lost living ring
Long pike of Calbanumbo
Ring of Sun
Rag doll with a needle
Has nasty specials
Can split in three
His lordlines Ban, the deity of amusement 12984500 One of the personalities of Calbanumbo
Her majesty Cal, the divinity of feelings 17521900 One of the personalities of Calbanumbo
Umbo, the angel of tricks 11292600 One of the personalities of Calbanumbo