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 .. General information about the guild of Abyss Conjurers                 
 Demons require blood and souls. Your job is to collect them.              
 It is of utmost importance to have high skill at summon demon,            
 devour corpse and consume soul. Summon is a complex and                   
 difficult skill, thus requiring high proficiency. Altho even              
 that may not help every time, demons are fickle.                          
 Read the helpfiles on skills/spells and this board carefully,             
 acconverse with your demon for additional help when you get               
 your ring, and remember: it takes effort to be the best.                  
 I know that new players will be baffled with this guild, it               
 ain't exactly one of your 'use kill' and 'loot' -guilds. Now,             
 be careful, some skills are costly (e.g. demonic melee), but              
 rest assured that the costly ones will benefit you greatly.               
 Either now, or later, with masteries.                                     
 Only highbies will gain all out of this guild, for example                
 newbies cannot even begin to study demonic spells (except                 
 for demonic missile, which is great against goodly aligned                
 mobs). I have balanced the guild so a character whose worth               
 is at least 1G can have something out of the guild.                       
 This guild asks for patience, but rewards are high, too.                  
 By the way, to begin your way in summoning demons, I suggest              
 you listen to Rishi a bit. He might drop some hints.      

.. Specific facts about the guild of Abyss Conjurers                      
 - Guild cannot be joined from the guildhall, you have to                  
   join it from the reinc-room.                                            
 - Only males can join the guild.                                          
 - 'ask acring' at Rishi will give you your guild-item.                    
 - Names of the demons are Case Sensitive (summon demon).                  
 - Leader of Abyss Conjurers get chosen after a formula                    
   calculating both important skills and masteries, where                  
   masteries have the greater importance.                                  
 - If you wear a shield, some of the melee-attacks will be                 
 - Demon is banished after every logging in.                               
 - A dying Abyss Conjurer loses 1/5 of his blood points and                
   1/10 of his soulenergy.                                                 
 - If you do not have max guildlevels, then you must have                  
   90% of your levels in Abyss Conjurers -guild.                           
 - You must have spent most of your exp to the Abyss Conjurers             
   -guild (does not take exp going into levels into account).              

--Glorian (talk) 10:10, 8 January 2017 (UTC)