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 Down the  line from Kain himself vampires have been  the most  feared of 
 all the undead. They feed on the  blood  of  the living, draining  their 
 strength  to  sustain  their  own undead life. Humanoid  in  form,  they 
 resemble a common  human with the exception  of their hypnotic stare and 
 enlarged,  sharp  fangs. Although  stronger  and  more  intelligent than 
 humans, vampires do have their weaknesses. Strong sunlight especially is 
 known to have a detrimental effect  on vampire's health. Vampires do not 
 breathe so the cannot drown even in shallow waters. 

Stats :

 Strength       : good           Dexterity      : very good 
 Constitution   : above average  Intelligence   : good 
 Wisdom         : above average  Hpregen        : good 
 Spregen        : good           Size           : average

Other info :

 They gain less experience than humans. 
 They can sometimes avoid death.
 They have an ability to see in the dark.
 They have an ability to see magical auras.
 They are extremely allergic to sunlight.
 They are creations of foul magic, also known as undead.
 They are naturally very vulnerable to fire damage. 
 They are naturally a bit resistant to physical damage. 
 They are naturally very resistant to poison damage. 
 They are naturally somewhat vulnerable to magical damage. 
 They are naturally very resistant to cold damage. 
 They are naturally totally resistant to asphyxiation damage.