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Punishment Laphroaig, the Acknowledged of Hobbit race is a level 65 Mortal. He was created on Mon Mar 23 15:24:19 1998. His pre-purge age is 1727d 16h 24m 28s old. (Idle percent 82.9%) His post-purge age is 1134d 19h 15m 42s old. (Idle percent 92.0%) He is the leader of the Hobbit race. He is the infamous prince of thieves. He has been on for 9h 1m 58s, idle 0s Best kill: A rotten carcass living its life here (undead) - 883300 xp (solo)

          Darsh the large skeleton guard (undead) - 3787800 xp (party)

Plan: No amount of skill can compensate loyalty and devotion No amount of whiskey can compensate loyalty and devotion