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Punishment MapMan, the Recognized of Vampire race is a Mortal.

He is currently away. (wcheck 298)

He was created on Mon Mar 23 15:24:19 1998.

His pre-purge age is 1727d 16h 24m 28s old. (Idle percent 82.9%)

His post-purge age is quite a lot. (Idle percent 130.0%)

He is the leader of the Vampire race. And Cromagnon too!

He has been on for 24h 0m 0s, idle 86400s

Best kill:

         Wilma the bank clerk - 4766600 xp (solo)
         Darsh the large skeleton guard (undead) - 3787800 xp (party)


No amount of skill can compensate loyalty and devotion No amount of whiskey can compensate loyalty and devotion

  Also planning on mapping the game and maybe adding the files for everyone!