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Open Guilds

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The Knights are the honorable warriors with a strict codes and a reason.
Knights are the most cabable of handling weapon with grace and specialize in
a certain type of weapon class. Knights also respect all of their foes, and
believe in fair fighting. Knight may never pillage, plunder or rape.

The Knights have ranks, depending on their honor and other attributes in
the guild. Lower rank knight must always obey the knight of the higher
rank (if the order is not unreasonable). However the knights of different
path cannot give orders to the knight of the other path.

Undead or demonic races are shunned by the Knights, as they are sworn to
perish evil.

The deities of Knights include Adesean, Belil and Cadalim. Adesean is the
deity of chivalry, which is being promoted via the actions and everyday
life of Knights. Belil is the deity of good deeds, which is also promoted
by the actions of Knights and the tolerance towards others. Cadalim is
the deity of holiness, embodied in numerous spells which are taught in

The guild of Knights is under management of three families, which are
Goldstein, Rieffel and Deinard. Each of the families have distinct
knowledge and preference for weapons, and offer specialized training
in their branches.

In addition to the specialized brances of the families, there are three
distinct factions, which offer their own teachings for Knights. The Red
Banner focuses on offensive combat, The Unyielding Bastion on defensive
and The Divine Messengers mainly on spellcasting and spiritual ways.

The maximum level in the guild of Knights is 100.
Specialization guilds can be accessed after total of 15 levels have been
distributed between the possible family branch guilds.

The guild premises are located in Lorenport, mostly at their guild house.

Knights cannot join Ninja or Barbarian guilds.


Guild tree:

Weapon subs:

Special subs:

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