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* Based on crap's homepage, might be old info.

Name Slot Stats Monster Area Other info
The brains of Ras'Gas the alien Head Int(12) Wis(9) Spr(16) Elec(+Good)
A white turban with a green gem -<Glowing>- Head Con(8) Int(9) Wis(9) Hpr(-13) Spr(8)
Lightweight Tiara Head Int(10) Wis(10) Spr(18) Wearing makes you a woman
Golden crown with a leaf-shaped emerald Head Int(6) Wis(8) Spr(9)
Qnkh'ru, the helmet of pain <shining> Head Str(1) Con(-15) Int(8) Wis(7) Spr(14)
Royal crown of Kadath Head Wis(10) Spr(10) Mastery of sorcery(4)
Shadow crown of storms Head Int(3) Wis(2) Spr(7) Slight bonus to skill mastery of medicine
The helmet of the Guardian Head Dex(-4) Con(-4) Wis(5) Spr(6)
Divine crown of sprites Head Int(14) Spr(12)
The dark blue cape of 'the Ruler of the Dead' Neck Int(12) Wis(-5) Spr(15) Cold(+Exc) Fire(-Hor) Quick Chant(5)
Dark shimmering necklace of Zerold Neck Int(6) Spr(9) Quick Chant(5)
The Mithril necklace of Garath Neck Str(-6) Con(4) Int(9) Wis(9) Spr(18)
A necklace of pearls Neck Dex(-4) Con(4) Int(2) Wis(3) Spr(3)
A chain of black heaven Neck Int(7) Spr(12)
Cloak of mind Cloak Str(2) Int(3) Wis(5) Spr(9)
Cloak of G'rah Cloak Wis(3) Spr(4)
The cloak of illusions Cloak Int(10) Wis(5) Spr(13) Quick chant(4) Invisibility(5)
Blue cloak of the overlord Cloak Con(1) Int(5) Wis(2) Spr(8)
Cloak made of golden leaves Cloak Con(-4) Int(6) Wis(8) Spr(12) Phys(-Noti) Elec(-Hit) Acid(+Ave)
Cloak of the clouds Cloak Dex(-3) Int(4) Wis(4) Hpr(-3) Spr(3)
A thick black cloak Cloak Int(3)
A Long white cloth with golden pattern Robe Wis(5) Spr(8) Knowledge of sorcery(1)
A black robe Robe Wis(2) Spr(3)
Blue suede robe <wobbling> Robe Str(-4) Con(4) Int(8) Wis(6) Spr(10)
White robes of light and order -<White Aura>- Robe Con(5) Int(5) Wis(11) Hpr(5) Spr(10) Mag(+Imp) True faith(4)
A gray robe of Skulls Robe Int(10) Wis(10) Cold(+Div) Necromancy(4) Dark arts(4) Faith(5)
A gray robe of Thorns Robe Int(10) Wis(10) Elec(+Div) Mysticism(4) Theory of havoc(4) Faith(5)
Gray gown -[pulsating]- Robe Con(-5) Int(9) Wis(13) Spr(13) Mastery of sorcery(4) Knowledge of sorcery(5) Knowledge of magical theory(5)
White banner with the symbol of Ankh Robe Int(2) Spr(1)
The Pentagram -[Dark Aura]- Amulet Str(-8) Dex(-8) Int(7) Wis(7) Spr(9) Elec(+Exc) Knowledge of abjuration(5)
The Pentagram -[Death]- Amulet Dex(-20) Con(5) Int(15) Wis(15) Hpr(-120) Spr(14) Cold(-Bug) Fire(+Exc) Quick Chant(5)
The Pentagram -[Drain]- Amulet Dex(-10) Con(-10) Int(12) Wis(12) Hpr(-70) Spr(13)
Granite Amulet [gleaming] Amulet Str(-6) Con(-5) Int(4) Wis(10) Spr(16) Quick Chant(8)
The Ankh <{Blessed}> Amulet Con(8) Wis(7) Spr(12) Mag(+Exc) Mastery of blessing(5) Faith(5)
Colorful penguin amulet {blue glow} Amulet Str(-3) Int(5) Wis(6) Hpr(-7) Spr(7) Cold(+Div)
The amulet of the alien Amulet Con(-20) Int(11) Wis(14) Spr(15) Elec(+Exc) Mastery of sorcery(5)
A serpent shaped amulet with sapphire eyes Amulet Con(6) Int(6) Wis(6) Spr(10) Faith(10) True faith(5) Wearable only by evil persons.
Amulet of Dreams Amulet Int(5) Wis(2) Spr(6)
Talisman of the damned Amulet Con(5) Int(6) Spr(5)
The ankh of adventurers <shimmering> Amulet Wis(2)
A pair of beautiful wristguards -<sparkling>- Arms Con(-4) Int(7) Wis(7) Spr(12) Knowledge of sorcery(6) Mastery of sorcery(6) Knowledge of electric theory(6)
Kathryns bracers Arms Con(5) Int(6) Hpr(5) Spr(8)
Dark leather of life [dark] Arms Str(-5) Con(-10) Int(10) Wis(5) Mag(+Inc)
Bright Blue Bracelets Arms Con(-2) Wis(5) Int (2) AC (5) Spr (9)
Dark blue gloves of Aquilonia {shining} Hands Int(7) Wis(8) Spr(15)
Demonical Gauntlets Hands Dex(5) Int(8) Spr(10)
Shining silversteel gauntlets Hands Wis(4) Hpr(4) Spr(4)
Red Gloves of Fire Hands Wis(2) Int (2) AC (8) Spr (4)
The black breastplate of Destoral Torso Str(2) Dex(-4) Int(14) Wis(12) Spr(22) Cold(-Deva)
Red velvet shirt Torso Str(-5) Dex(5) Con(-5) Int(5) Wis(3) Spr(9)
Galvorn chainmail of brilliance Torso Str(-5) Dex(8) Con(4) Int(13) Wis(8) Spr(22) Phys(+Tiny) Cold(+Div) Special(Shows regens)
Demon scale plate Torso Str(-10) Dex(-2) Int(5) Wis(5) Spr(7)
Arthur's ring Ring Str(-3) Con(-5) Int(8) Wis(6) Spr(8)
A beautiful black marble ring Ring Spr(7) Int(5) Wis(5) Sorcerer Missile(3) Quick Chant(3)
Extremely beautiful ring of elements Ring Con(2) Int(4) Wis(5) Spr(11)
Old Rusty ring of Souls Ring Str(-3) Dex(-2) Con(-10) Int(3) Wis(6) Spr(11) Fire(-Hor) Cold(-Hor) Mag(-Hor) Mastery of abjuration(5) Knowledge of abjuration(4) Iron Will(5)
Iron ring with shining emerald Ring Wis(3) Spr(8)
Mystical ring of G'rah Ring Int(4) Wis(4) Spr(8)
The Ring of Hell <Sorcerer> Ring Spr(9) Knowledge of sorcery(3) Mastery of sorcery(3) Quick chant(3)
The ring of elementals ring Spr(5)
Turqoise ring Ring Int(2) Spr(10)
Ring made of roots 'Wisdom of Neam' Ring Wis(8) Spr(5) Sillaeh berra myth of wisdom(4) Sillaeh berra myth of benevolence(2) Wisdom of sillaeh berra(4)