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.-----. _  .-.              
`-. .-':_;.' `.             
  : :  .-.`. .' .--.  ,-.,-.
  : :  : : : : ' .; ; : ,. :
  :_;  :_; :_; `.__,_;:_;:_;

Titans are a race from which giants have evolved. It is not known why
did they become separated, but the differences are remarkable. Titans
are of huge stature, and they also possess great strength, like
giants, but their alignment cannot be questioned. Their society aims
in perfect lifestyle, and titans are first of the other races ready
to help when needed. Their ages long existence has given them wisdom,
and it is not uncommon to see a titan healer striding down the
street. Titans are natural enemies of dragons.                       

Stats : 
  Strength       : perfect             Dexterity      : below average
  Constitution   : perfect             Intelligence   : weak
  Wisdom         : below average       Hpregen        : below average
  Spregen        : average             Epregen        : average
  Size           : very large                           

Other info :
  They gain less experience than humans. 
  They gain a noticeable penalty to regeneration speed.
  They are naturally a bit resistant to physical damage. 
  They are naturally somewhat resistant to poison damage. 
  They are naturally very resistant to electric damage. 
  They are naturally somewhat resistant to cold damage.