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.-----..-.         _ .-.   .-.                    
`-. .-': :        :_;: :.-.: :                    
  : :  : `-. .--. .-.: `'.': `-. .--.  .--. ,-.,-.
  : :  : .. :: ..': :: . `.: .. :: .. '_.': ,. :
  :_;  :_;:_;:_;  :_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;  `.__.':_;:_;

The thrikhren are a race of intelligent insectoids that dwell in the
swamps of winterland. They live in a complex anthill like society,
where one is the supreme ruler. Unlike many other such insectoids,
these mantis-like  creatures are physically extremely weak in
comparison to their size.  Thrikhren have however developed a way of
thinking that fits their society, and through those ends they have
gained real strength in magic. Most of them are able to become very
proficient spell weavers. Also their hard, chitinous shells are
powerful shield against physical damage. Trikhrens are extremely
sensitive to water.                                                  

All thrikhrens are connected to their hive mind. They are able to
store mana into the hive mind. The stored mana will be converted to a
boost for psionic damage, available for all the members of the race. 

They have a racial command, 'hive'. It can be used to 'check' or

Stats : 
  Strength       : weak                Dexterity      : weak
  Constitution   : below average       Intelligence   : very good
  Wisdom         : average             Hpregen        : average
  Spregen        : godly               Epregen        : average
  Size           : very small                           

Other info :
  They have a hive mind, from which they can draw psionic power.
  They gain a slight penalty to crushing protection.
  They gain a slight bonus to radiation protection.
  They gain an impressive bonus to mana regeneration speed.
  They are extremely sensitive to water.
  They can eat corpses.
  They are naturally somewhat vulnerable to physical damage. 
  They are naturally extremely resistant to psionic damage. 
  They are naturally very resistant to poison damage. 
  They are naturally somewhat resistant to magical damage. 
  They are naturally very resistant to acid damage.