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.-----..-.    _        .--.
`-. .-': :   :_;      : .-'
  : :  : `-. .-. .--. : `;
  : :  : .. :: :' '_.': :
  :_;  :_;:_;:_;`.__.':_;

Thieves in the Winterkill are one of the most hidden society known in
this realm. Among thieves it is a common knowledge that if one reveals
any information about this society he might find himself brutally
strangled on some dark alley. Most of thieves love to steal or pick
pockets. Almost all thieves can do that and that is one of the main
source of income for them.

The city of winterkill does not allow thieves inside the gates.
Therefore the council of the city has ordered the gateguards to block
all incoming thieves. Even tho this rule is well followed, thieves still
manage to enter the city from various magical teleporting places.

Thieves guild is mainly populated with outlaws. Old prisoners, brutal
killers, cunning bandits and all other scum of civilization which does
not have a place among common people. While thieves are very powerful
murderers it has been known among them that there is one subguild that
is extremely skilled in murdering. Any other info about this subguild
is well kept hidden.

Every race can be a thief, although a races with extraordinary good
dexterity are in favour of thieves. There is one race above others with
in a guild of thieves. The Catfolk. Due their small size and extremely high
dexterity gives them bonuses for thieving skills.

Thieves cant join other guilds in Winterkill, nor can other guilds join
thieves. All other guildmasters of Winterkill guilds fear thieves would
bring bad habits and evil skills with them and most of all steal all
those valuable guild items the guildmasters polish in their guilds.

--Mizzt 12:43, 4 September 2012 (CEST)