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The great sandworm called 'Shai-Hulud' - 2858400 xp

You see 'Shai-Hulud' the great leader of all worms. It has huge

teeth and a great shell covering its body. The worm rises 200 feet high

and looks extremely dangerous. You wonder if there is anyone in the world

who can beat this worm. You think that its shell would make an excellent armour.

You better not challenge this worm into a duel, for you are bound to lose.

He is in excellent shape.

He isn't wearing any visible equipment.

Arms: Bracelets made from the scale of Shai-Hulud Hpr(10) Str(12) Dex(5) Com(6) Con(10) Wis(-10) PhysR(+ave) FireR(+AWE) ElecR(-HOR)

Your estimation gives you the feeling that the target has following attributes:

   Health         : 100               Gender          : Male
   Strength       : fearsome          Dexterity       : fearsome
   Constitution   : fearsome          Intelligence    : fearsome
   Wisdom         : fearsome
   Offense        : excellent         Defense         : excellent
   Armousclass    : average
   Worm plays with cold damage.
   Worm likes magical damage.
   Worm likes acid damage.
   Worm likes physical damage.
   Worm likes psionic damage.
   Worm plays with electric damage. (Most Vulnerable against)
   Worm likes poison damage.
   Worm dates fire damage.