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Old good knight base

Name Size Eq Aggro Special
Sir Baldewyr, the Lord Warrior 3293500 A platinum ring
Engraved gauntlets of Knights
A large steel tower shield
A footman's lance
A Breastplate of the Knight's Guild
Sir Luther Starson the High Justice 10795800 The white robe of High Justice
An Elite Knight of the Crown guarding the drawbridge 1699900 Knight shit
A Knight of the Sword guarding the drawbridge 784000 Knight shit
A MASSIVE Knight of the Sword guarding the gates 2053400 Knight shit
A Knight of the Crown, taking a break 689000 Knight shit these can be 200-800k
A Lord of the Crown, watching over the Keep 920400 Knight shit
The Abbot of Sword watching over the Keep 870400 Knight shit
The Lord of Roses watching over the Keep 977500 Knight shit