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 .--. .-.         .-.         .-.             
: .--': :.-.      : :        .' `.            
`. `. : `'.' .--. : :   .--. `. .' .--. ,-.,-.
 _`, :: . `.' '_.': :_ ' '_.' : : ' .; :: ,. :
`.__.':_;:_;`.__.'`.__;`.__.' :_; `.__.':_;:_;

Skeletons are magical undead creatures formed from the remains of
long-dead  humanoids. Usually found near graveyards, dungeons and
other deserted places,  they are often used as guards by other undead
creatures higher up the ladder of undead world. Skeletons are rarely
seen moving alone, for it is a rarity for a skeleton to live so long
as to learn to master skills in order to survive. Skeletons do not
breathe and thus cannot drown.                                       

Skeletons may have an origin, if they were alive in their previous
life. If created from nothingness by magical means, a skeleton
doesn't have an origin to relate to. Their origin will affect their
properties, but ultimately their properties are in strict relation to
their origins; for example, an origin with less than average wisdom
will become less and less wise, often with devastating effects.      

Stats : 
  Strength       : average             Dexterity      : below average
  Constitution   : average             Intelligence   : weak
  Wisdom         : lousy               Hpregen        : below average
  Spregen        : lousy               Epregen        : average
  Size           : average                              

Other info :
  They gain more experience than humans. 
  They can sometimes avoid death.
  They have an ability to see in the dark.
  They are creations of foul magic, also known as undead.
  They don't have to eat.
  They are naturally a bit resistant to physical damage. 
  They are naturally almost resistant to psionic damage. 
  They are naturally very resistant to poison damage. 
  They are naturally somewhat resistant to electric damage. 
  They are naturally extremely vulnerable to magical damage. 
  They are naturally very resistant to cold damage. 


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