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Sir Repeteus, The Cavalier Grandmaster

Repeteus is a middle-aged human knight. He is wearing a leather riding-suit

which is studded from his bottom and inner thighs. He is wearing a silvery

crest of the Order of the Crown. He is wearing a pair of suede leather riding

gloves and a riding lash. On his boots are a pair of dull spurs. Althought

Repeteus's active duty is over, he has been promoted to a respected status of

a grandmaster of the Cavalier's guild. Despite of his age, he is still in a

good condition, and you can see a bulging muscles on his arms through the

armour he is wearing.

He is in excellent shape.

Torso: The sturdy breastplate of the Cavaliers

Wielded in both hands: The Big Lance 'Dragontongue' <flaming>


Does Over 5k specials...