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Open Guilds

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The Shamans are ancient spiritual guides. They draw their powers
from spiritual plane whether it's magical or even physical.

Long ago, Shamans left the Winter Realm due to conflict with
Sorcerers guild. During their travel, the guild grew in power
and split into three distinct branches. Each of them, besides
spiritual, had one element in control.

Spiritualists, dived deeper into spiritual world and brought
their battles with them. With their abstract combat strategy
they also mastered magical element.

Druids stuck to their roots in nature. Their love to animals
allowed them to communicate with them and eventually they
mastered the ability to shapeshift into them. From the nature
they also drew poisons to complement their defences.

Witch doctors went down the path of life. They dealt with
death and ancient rituals. They channeled their powers via
simple doll and called it voodoo. Their abilities allowed
them to bring back the dead and curse. Some went down the
dark path of worshiping evil, thus creating the dark acolytes.

Shamans are mainly magic users but have ability to use
physical skills.

Major stat: Intelligence
Minor stat: Wisdom