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 Orcs are a twisted and hateful race. The only joy of these creatures
is in the pain of others. The blood that flows in veins of orcs is
both black and cold. Their shapes are twisted by pain and hate, their
stunted forms are hideous: bent, bow-legged and squat, four to five
feet in general. Their arms are long and strong, and their skin is
black as wood that has been charred by flame. The jagged fangs in
their wide mouths are yellow, their tongues red and thick, and their
nostrils and faces are broad and flat. Their eyes are crimson gashes,
like narrow slits in black iron grates behind which hot coals burn.
The orcs are fierce warriors, wielding their ugly, yet efficient
weapons. Orcs are fearful of light, for it hurts their eyes, with
which they can see during the night as easily as humans see during
the day.                                                             

Stats : 
  Strength       : above average       Dexterity      : average
  Constitution   : good                Intelligence   : lousy
  Wisdom         : lousy               Hpregen        : average
  Spregen        : lousy               Epregen        : average
  Size           : below average                        

Other info :
  They gain more experience than humans. 
  They gain a slight bonus to gold charm.
  They gain a poor bonus to health regeneration speed.
  They have an ability to see in the dark.
  They are somewhat sensitive to sunlight.
  They can eat corpses.
  They are naturally somewhat vulnerable to fire damage. 
  They are naturally a bit resistant to physical damage. 
  They are naturally somewhat resistant to poison damage. 
  They are naturally somewhat resistant to electric damage. 
  They are naturally a bit resistant to cold damage.