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This is not actually an area, it is worldmap inside of worldmap. In this area there are plenty of highbie eqmonsters, also one of the cities is in here, Snorhattar
Entrance to this area is near Arkham

Thaumaturge and Mystic guilds are in this area

Areas inside of this area:


Cantrollian keep

Rainbow valley

Skeleton Volcano

Narcotella temple

Izibri Area

Wandering monsters

Name Size Eq Aggro Special
Alina, the obsessed 4135800 Brown burned shirt
Joann DeGran, Ghost from the past 3575800 Green winter dress
Kiranja, lost child of the convent 4936100 White robe of magic
Milana, the lost soul 5886800 Blue winter dress
Red bead necklace
Rusalka the Water wraith 11524800 Ring called 'Morning Haze'
Sonia, the stargazer 17339600 Revealing summer dress
Green eye of gorgon
White eye of captivity
Black eye of death
Small diamond ring with 'Sonia' written on it
Silver tiara of stars
Balfe the blood dragon 11530900 Ring of blood dragon
Dragonscale amulet of blood
Hunts down Thaumaturge villains
Is summoned by Thaumaturges