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Located 20 w;w;6 nw;10 w;16 n;3 nw from Wintercity CS.
Contains medium sized evil ogres. Some newbie eq monsters.

Name Size Eq Aggro Special
A small ogre 8000
An ogre 34200
A medium size ogre 51600 A big ogre axe Not every ogre has axe
A big ogre 102200 A double-edged axe Not every ogre has axe
An ogre cook 46400
Nar, the Ogre 336500 A yellow ring
A glowing green cloak
Max, the Ogre Battlemaster 574900 A blue ring
The Dagger 'Belangil'
A HUGE ogre 201600
Lokkak, The Ogre chieftain 1322800 An adamantite platemail
The Great axe of Durin
The Amulet of Lokkak