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Located 13 s;11 sw;8 s;5 sw;20 s;16 s;3 sw;6 s;4 sw;4 s;7 sw;5 e;10 se;11 s;4 e;enter from Wintercity CS.
This is highbie area filled with friendly elves and mischievious other type of monsters
NOTE: multiple aggros in one room.

Monster sizes:

Name Size Eq Aggro Special
A friendly-looking tall wood elf 86900
A wood elf 185000
A very nasty sharp spike 129500 X
A mean looking drow 127300 X
A great wyvern is causing terror here 223800
Elven bodyguard 273400
X Appears if you attack mayor
Elven mayor is here, shuffling his papers 1850200