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  Courtesy of Loctar's old pages, probable a "little" outdated


Slot Weight AC Stats, skills, etc.
Amulet of TeRrOr (o) amulet 3 2 Spr(3) Int(2) Wis(1) Hpr(1) Con(1)
Colorful penguin amulet {blue glow} amulet 2 5 Spr(7) Int(5) Wis(6) Hpr(-7) Str(-3) ColdR(+AWE)
Dragon amulet of blood amulet 3 1 Spr(11) Int(9) Wis(7) Con(6)
Granite amulet [gleaming] amulet 9 5 Spr(16) Int(4) Wis(10) Str(-6) Con(-5) quick_chant(10)
head of Sheratappeth amulet 5 2 Spr(12) Int(3) Wis(3) Con(-6)
Orb of Healers amulet 1 2 mastery_of_medicine(6)
Talisman of the Damned amulet 3 3 Spr(3) Int(5) Con(3)
The amulet of the alien amulet 2 10 Spr(18) Int(11) Wis(14) Con(-20) ElecR(+AWE) offensive_power(12)
The Ankh <{Blessed}> amulet 0 1 Spr(15) Wis(7) Hpr(-10) Str(-5) Dex(-5) Com(-10) Con(8)
The black pendant of Death amulet 2 2 Spr(18) Int(15) Wis(15)
The Bronze amulet of 'Wizards' amulet 1 2 Spr(18) Int(15) Wis(10) Str(-10) Dex(-5) Con(-10) PhysR(-HOR) master_of_showers(5) attack(-10) anatomy(-10) stunning_blow(5)
Bracelets made of rigid black leather arms 8 5 Spr(12) Int(10) Wis(9) Str(-3) Dex(-2)
Bracelets of chaos and disorder -[Dark Aura]- arms 1 0 Spr(14) Int(10) Wis(10) Con(5) ElecR(+ser)
Bright Blue Bracelets arms 0 2 Spr(7) Int(2) Wis(5) Con(-2) offensive_power(1)
Kathryns bracers arms 0 0 Spr(8) Int(6) Hpr(5) Con(5)
A belt made of white rope belt 2 6 Spr(18) Int(10) Wis(12) Dex(-7) Com(-8) FireR(-HOR)
A belt with golden pattern belt 5 3 Spr(8) Int(4) Wis(4) ColdR(+good)
Blue belt of frost <*COLD*> belt 1 7 Spr(10) Int(5) Wis(5) ColdR(+AWE)
Dull looking leather belt belt 1 1 Spr(5) Int(3)
Golden belt belt 10 3 Spr(15)
Red leather belt belt 2 1 Spr(14) Int(9) Wis(9)
The Bone belt of 'Immortality' <SeNsE> belt 4 2 Spr(12) Int(10) Wis(7) Hpr(-5) Dex(-5) Con(-5) PhysR(-HOR) ColdR(-HOR) FireR(-HOR) mastery_of_medicine(10) knowledge_of_abjuration(8) quick_chant(8) mastery_of_preferences(7) high_energy_focus(6)
A black velvet cloak cloak 5 1 Spr(16) Int(10) Con(-10)
Blue cloak of the overlord cloak 2 1 Spr(8) Int(5) Wis(2) Con(1)
Cloak made of golden leaves cloak 10 3 Spr(12) Int(6) Wis(8) Con(-4)
Cloak made of human skin <living> cloak 2 12 Int(-15) Wis(2) Hpr(-5) Str(-5) Dex(-10)
Cloak of mind cloak 3 5 Spr(9) Int(3) Wis(5) Str(2)
Cloak of the clouds cloak 3 10 Spr(3) Int(4) Wis(4) Hpr(-3) Dex(-3)
Blue velvet boots (rubber enforced) feet 1 7 Spr(10) Int(5) Wis(5)
Boots of Destruction <DEATH MARK> feet 3 6 Spr(5) Int(4) Wis(4)
Decayed leather boots feet 3 3 Spr(11) Int(5) Wis(5) Dex(-2) Com(-5) Con(-4) quick_chant(2)
Green Dragon skin boots named 'GaLi'Mah' feet 2 5 Spr(10) Int(5) Wis(5) Str(-5) Dex(-5) Con(-10) PhysR(-much) AcidR(+AWE) PoisonR(+AWE) quick_lips(5) quick_chant(5)
Shoes of highlord feet 2 1 Spr(4) Int(1) Wis(3) Com(-4)
Soft looking cotton boots feet 3 6 Wis(5) Str(-5)
The bloody Garath's boots of Death feet 2 13 Spr(14) Int(9) Str(-5)
A pair of sparkling gloves hands 3 8 Spr(18) Int(10) Wis(10) Hpr(-18) Con(-15) offensive_power(5) motionless_spellcasting(10) essence_eye(-30) quick_chant(5)
Dark blue gloves of Aquilonia {dusty} hands 2 4 Spr(10) Int(3) Wis(4)
Dark blue gloves of Aquilonia {shining} hands 2 4 Spr(15) Int(7) Wis(8)
Red Gloves of Fire hands 0 2 Spr(4) Int(2) Wis(2) FireR(+ave) fire_arrow(10)
Shining gloves of Eldritch Sorcery hands 3 1 Spr(13) Int(8) Wis(7) high_energy_focus(6) magical_economy(5)
Stone gloves hands 15 3 Spr(16) Int(4) Wis(4) Dex(-6) offensive_power(5) high_energy_focus(5)
The smoke gloves hands 4 0 Spr(11) Wis(6)
Crown of the usurper head 4 1 Spr(8) Wis(3) Str(-3) Com(-1)
Golden crown with a leaf-shaped emerald head 4 3 Spr(9) Int(6) Wis(8)
Helmet of the nightmares head 5 13 Spr(18) Int(12) Wis(13) Con(11) quick_chant(5)
Qnkh'ru, the helmet of pain <shining> head 2 5 Spr(16) Int(8) Wis(7) Str(1) Con(-15)
Royal crown of Kadath head 1 5 Spr(10) Wis(10) offensive_power(8)
Shadow Crown of Storms head 0 2 Spr(7) Int(3) Wis(2) mastery_of_medicine(2) master_of_showers(3)
The brains of Ras'Gas the alien head 3 10 Spr(19) Int(14) Wis(9) Con(-8) ElecR(+AWE)
Emerald green leggings 'Rz'hk't'th' legs 15 20 Spr(10) Int(12) Hpr(-5) Str(-5) Dex(-10) Con(-5) PhysR(+ave) ColdR(-much) FireR(+ave) AcidR(+ave) PoisonR(+ave) ElecR(-much)
Leggings of the damned legs 7 8 Spr(14) Int(9) Wis(7) Str(-3) Con(-2)
Yellow lava leggings legs 4 5 Spr(4) Int(2) Wis(3) Con(-3)
Beholder eye neck 4 2 Spr(7) Int(4)
Chain of black Heaven neck 2 4 Spr(12) Int(7) Wis(5) Com(-7)
Dark shimmering necklace of Zerold neck 1 4 Spr(9) Int(6) quick_chant(5)
Necklace of winners neck 4 2 Spr(5) Int(3) Str(5) Com(3)
The dark blue cape of 'the Ruler of the Dead' neck 2 5 Spr(15) Int(12) Wis(-5) ColdR(+good) FireR(-HOR) quick_chant(5)
A Beautiful ethereal ring ring 1 3 Spr(10) Con(10)
A gorgeous ring of benevolence ring 3 4 Spr(25) Int(10) Wis(12) Con(-10) quick_chant(20)
A red ring ring 0 1 Spr(10) Wis(-10) Hpr(10) Con(-10)
A red ring ring 0 1 Spr(20) Con(-20)
A smooth stone ring ring 6 1 Spr(7) Wis(6) Dex(-6)
An exquisite ring with a blood-red ruby mounted on it ring 0 6 Spr(20) Int(10) Wis(12) offensive_power(5) high_energy_focus(6)
Arthur's ring ring 2 1 Spr(15) Int(8) Wis(6) Hpr(-4) Str(-3) Con(-5)
Black mithril ring of Jagr Flih ring 1 1 Spr(8)
Blue ring ring 4 1 Spr(9) Int(3) Wis(2)
Crystal ring <0> ring 1 3 Spr(11) Int(7) Wis(7) Str(-5) Dex(-5) Con(-15)
Extremely beautiful ring of elements ring 1 5 Spr(11) Int(4) Wis(5) Con(2)
Iron ring with shining emerald ring 5 3 Spr(8) Wis(3)
Mystical ring of G'rah ring 1 1 Spr(8) Int(4) Wis(4)
Old Rusty ring of Souls ring 1 2 Spr(11) Int(3) Wis(6) Str(-3) Dex(-2) Con(-10) ColdR(-HOR) FireR(-HOR) knowledge_of_abjuration(6) mastery_of_abjuration(7) iron_will(5)
Ring of Crystals ring 5 5 Spr(10) Int(10) Wis(5)
Shiny silver ring with an amethyst embedded in it ring 1 1 Spr(10) Int(3) Wis(3)
Slime ring ring 3 1 Spr(5) Int(3) Con(3)
The ring of elementals ring 1 1 Spr(5)
The ring of Hell < Abjurer > ring 1 7 Spr(6) Wis(8) mastery_of_vulnerabilities(5) mastery_of_abjuration(5)
Turqoise ring ring 1 1 Spr(10) Int(2)
Yellow ring ring 4 1 Spr(6) Int(2) Wis(3)
A Long red cloth with golden pattern robe 6 4 Spr(8) Wis(5) spacial_manipulation(5)
A Long red cloth with silver pattern robe 5 3 Spr(6) Wis(4) quick_chant(5)
Blue suede robe <wobbling> robe 3 5 Spr(15) Int(10) Wis(7) Str(-4) Con(5)
Brown robes robe 5 3 Spr(5) Int(5) Wis(2)
Merlin's blue robe <Magical> robe 4 2 Int(4) Wis(10) Con(5) stunning_blow(3) inner_strength(3)
Robes of Jagr Flih robe 3 2 Spr(10) Int(3) Wis(3)
White robes of light and order robe 1 5 Spr(10) Int(8) Wis(8) Hpr(5) Str(-5) Dex(-5)
Black robes of chaos and disorder -[Dark Aura]- torso 1 5 Spr(18) Int(12) Wis(12) Hpr(-25) Str(-5) Dex(-5) knowledge_of_vulnerabilities(5)
Demon scale plate torso 6 9 Spr(7) Int(5) Wis(5) Str(-10) Dex(-2)
Galvorn chainmail of brilliance torso 3 30 Spr(25) Int(15) Wis(10) Str(-5) Dex(10) Com(-10) Con(5) PhysR(+good) ColdR(+AWE)
Leather shirt of Cerberus torso 4 2 Spr(12) Con(3)
Petrified robes torso 40 2 Spr(17) Int(11) Wis(10) PhysR(+ave)
Red velvet shirt torso 5 10 Spr(9) Int(5) Wis(3) Str(-5) Dex(5) Con(-5)
Rusty steel shirt torso 19 15 Spr(14) Int(7) Wis(-7) Dex(-9) Com(-5)
The black breastplate of Destoral torso 1 16 Spr(22) Int(14) Wis(12) Str(2) Dex(-4) Com(-6) ColdR(-HOR)