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Highbie eq monster area, Home of Izibri, The Lesser God of Underworld

Name Size Eq Aggro Special
Big bloody superior demon 482300 Yes
Cerberus, the hellhound of underworld 3201600 Leather shirt of Cerberus Yes blocks north
Izibri, the God of underworld 21147600 Starbelt of might
Boots of many miles
Black robe of Izibri
Has kill timer
Does nasty tricks
Reanimated hand of Izibri 9284900 Golden morningstar
Zed, the living ring
Zad, the living ring
Yes wanders around
Big demon that seems unkillable 1966400 blocks north
Evil demon 244200 Yes has couple other names
Huge patron demon 730700 Yes blocks north
Lonely navigator 321100 The mystical navigator tool No blocks down
prevents newbies to enter