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IDEAS! (Made by mortals -> feel free to edit and add)
== General ==
1. Escape Death ability on players and monsters to heal only 25-50% of max health. That way it would be less overpowered/annoying /hemuli
2. Areas; Monster upgrade for most of the areas and monsters to have bigger difference on resists/vulnerabilities. /mougli -thats generally race issue /suhis
3. Ariona quests to be fixed. /mougli
== Races ==
1. Add some race addons such as perks. /mougli --> We got it!!!
2. Supreme races (good/evil). /mougli
== Thaumaturge ==
1. Make some damage changes or mastery changes. How max damage is too low comparing how hard masteries are to make. /mougli
2. Some new masteries? /mougli
== Knights ==
1. Skill selections revamp. E.g. only Phalanx can be real defender -> Add more skillmax to Knight weapon subs so that any family (bludgeons/swords/polearms) can be utilized in full off/full def builds /hemuli
== Barbarians ==
1. Skill selection revamp so that even "newbie" Barbarians can gain BO skills /hemuli (mougli agrees)
== new Dragonlords ==
1. Would be nice if Dragonlords could raise their own dragons from egg. /mougli
2. Dragons die when they ages enough and reborn even better! /mougli
3. Would be nice if there are two kind of Dragonlords. Good and Evil! /mougli
== Brotherhood of nem ==
1. Brothers could have on the caster side shared pool for mental intalligence. Maybe even "clans" etc. Each member would increace pool by using attack spells. Pool has levels and benefits which are given to members. /mougli
2. Ranks for Nems. /mougli
3. Nem parts dont work. Or if those work, those should have some effect. /mougli
4. Fighter nem need major upgrade for damages. Now Incise damage is same level as kick. /mougli
== Mystics ==
1. Either add 20 more levels to last sub or create a new sub with 20 lvls. /Takke