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Name Size Eq Aggro Special
A beholder 602000 Yes does randomly damage
A ghoul 219100 An old bone
An angry looking harpy 332500 Yes
A black spirit 1308900 Yes
Kzahalid the greater daemon of blood and rage 5325900 Bracers of Kzahalid
Iron leggings of Kzahalid
Royal plate of Kzahalid
A liche 1473900 Shining gem Yes
Master beholder 2366500 Shining cube Yes random special
Zahrait the necromancer 2844700 Emerald green leggings 'Rz'hk't'th' Yes
A newbie necromancer 689700 A black robe
Shining gem
Queen harpy 669300 Shining bracelets Yes
Loyal dark servant of Kzahalid 341100 Yes
A skeleton 75400
Mortharon the vampire 1921200 Golden amulet of Mortharon