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Open Guilds

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The opening of the guild of Sorcerers caused a lot of commotion. When
destructive powers of vast magnitude were made so readily available, pacifists,
humanists, and other peace-loving denizens of Winterland began to protest
silently. A young sorceress, Erana, also noted the pain and suffering caused by
the sizzling showers of acidic death and roiling bolts of lighting. After
reaching the degree of a Grand-Master sorceress, a magistrate extraordinaire in
the field of harm, misery, and chaotic power, she joined the pacifist front in
order to appease the millions of voices that she heard screaming inside her
soul, the millions of  voices that had been suddenly silenced by a hot shower
of lava, or the flesh-rending claws of a summoned earth-elemental. Erana's
turncoat attitude annoyed the elders of the Sorcerer guild, and thus she was
officially banished from their ranks. She, however was not so sad for losing
her position in the guild, which she could no longer stand. Thus she started to
generate a new degree of magic. One that could be used to lessen the pains
caused by the magic of the chaotic sorcerers, or the claws and fangs of the
extraplanar creatures of evil nature. After many years, she had completed her
work. She had weaved the fabric of magic so that the healing, harmonious side
of it could flow freely through the hands of even the youngest apprentices,
should they want so. As her final deed, her pinnacle of valor, she sacrificed
her own body, her temple, in the rite that created the guild hall of  Healers.
It is said that the guild hall was a mirror of Erana's soul. The truth is
shrouded in the mists of time. However, judging from the ease the apprentices
learn the arts of healing in this hollowed place, this could truly be so.

Guild Tree

Holy Protectors
Benevolent Healers
Altruistic Healers
Wise Healers
Holy Missionaries

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