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Grezil, the old witch 1541100 - Xp

This old witch looks very wise and talented magic user.

He looks old and tired and he is standing here like he didn't see you arriving here.

His face is wrinkled and full of scars.

He is in excellent shape.

He isn't wearing any visible equipment.

He is wearing Bronze key (Inventory)

   Health         : 100               Gender          : Male
   Strength       : fearsome          Dexterity       : fearsome
   Constitution   : fearsome          Intelligence    : fearsome
   Wisdom         : fearsome
   Offense        : good              Defense         : good
   Armousclass    : weak
   Grezil plays with cold damage.
   Grezil plays with magical damage.
   Grezil prefers acid damage.
   Grezil prefers physical damage.
   Grezil prefers psionic damage.
   Grezil plays with electric damage.
   Grezil prefers poison damage.
   Grezil prefers fire damage.
   Has the key to the door that leads
   into Zerold Chamber in the forest of witches.