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 Gnomes are race of small humanoids with blue-tinged skin. They can
live everywhere, gnomes have been met living on islands, rolling
hills, wooden valleys and inside mountains. They are known for their
hunger to find new, to invent new. Many a male gnome has died during
an experiment, yet such a death is glorified in their society, and is
encouraging other members into inventing. They must not be
underestimated thought, for they have invented many a helping device,
and developed many others. Their intelligence knows no limits, as
long as they do not let their natural sloppines interfere. They are
natural casters for material devices are not the only things they are
trying to develop.                                                   

Stats : 
  Strength       : below average       Dexterity      : below average
  Constitution   : below average       Intelligence   : good
  Wisdom         : good                Hpregen        : below average
  Spregen        : very good           Epregen        : average
  Size           : small                                

Other info :
  They gain less experience than humans. 
  They are naturally a bit resistant to magical damage.