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Located inside Frozen forest (NE corner)

Highbie party area, with big monster that drops tokens for EQ creation.

Monster sizes:

Name Size Eq Aggro Special
A young frostbeast with snow-white fur 1717500 Tokens Yes
An adult frostbeast with snow-white fur 2166800 Tokens Yes
An striped frostbeast with silvery fur 2438400 Tokens Yes
An old frostbeast with grizzled white fur 2665300 Tokens Yes
A greater frostbeast with snow-white fur 3867100 Tokens Yes
A dire frostbeast with tangled white fur 4844700 Tokens Yes
A frostbeast moving at blinding speed 6803300 Tokens Yes
A massive frostbeast with white fur 7415800 Tokens Yes
An ancient frostbeast with arctic whirlwind spinning around it 11288400 Tokens, Boots of Eternal Winter Night, Ancient frostbeast hide cloak Yes
A tiny girl dressed in white dress 18653000 Tokens, eq Yes


--Glorian (talk) 11:25, 13 January 2017 (UTC)