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WK eq monsters:

  There is quite a few unchecked in the list, probably some old/removed ones too, feel free to update! ~Puni
  For reference: Loctar's old eq-monster list
Name Size Eq Aggro Special Area
A Big Red Dragon known as 'Anchalagon' 17045900 Yes Dragoncave
A king of all ghouls is here
A Penguin Lord
A rock hydra with one head
An albino rat king
An enormous mass of oozing dark green slime
Agnar the adventurer
A Green-scaled troll warrior
A huge two-headed troll named Edge
A vicious dark naga
Amo the Assassin
Ancient spirit hovering in the air (undead)
'Big One' the dwarf warrior
Bones, the royal guard of Mist King
Captain of castle Firebird (undead)
Chemosh, lord of Death (undead)
Daithalos the sad (undead)
Darol the archwizard
Destoral, the malevolant priest of Atlantis
Dhegnon the fallen angel (chained to ground)
Eric the red devil in a black dress watching over
Gabinor, the mage of Atlantis
G'rah the evil witch
Gratzhula the orc king
Grezil, the old witch
Grog the dwarf warrior
High wizard of Kadath
Hoojm the ogre highlord
Itchy, Sargan's apprentice (undead)
Jagr Flih the evil necromancer
Jarokim the healer
Kaohele, Master of the Lava
King Arthur, the freedom warrior
King Eldorado
Lokkak, The Ogre chieftain
Lord Maghi
MayheM, the grandmaster mystic
Max, the Ogre Battlemaster
Nar, the Ogre
Nemazuun the elder dragon
Phoenix, the Bird of Fire
Poppamies, the Goblin Shaman
Rafan, the old warrior
Ramazhul the ancient ormoloch
Riven, the sneaking theatre thief
Saint Elenhil
Sarak the evil wizard
Sargan, the high-guard of Chemosh (undead)
Shambling Strider
Sheratappeth, great seahydra
Shra the Drow ArchMage
Short man called Abdul is snickering here
Sir Baldewyn, the Lord of Thorns
Sir Luther Starson the High Justice
Sir Repeteus, The Cavalier Grandmaster
The Dark Queen, clad in dark robes
The King of Minotaurs
The Evil Cleric
The Ghost of Shra is floating here
The great sandworm called 'Shai-Hulud'
The master cat
The Priest of Order, surrounded by an aura of hol
Uftar the elven leader
Veldor, discusting old pervert
Velgar, Lord of the Lily
Wizard of the universe
Xenna, the dryad queen
Zerold, the crazy witch (undead)
Ano'uk, demon matriarch 25451800 Yes Sewers
A'hlam, the leader of the Garath's family 21141800 Yes Garath Castle
The Genie, Djinni of the lamp (glowing) 9662900 No Chessboard
Ghank'ha'ruh the Royal Duke of Aquilonia (undead) 17316900 Yes cast Meteor storm Aquilonia
Turtle Narcotella the Chaotic One, unsurpassed virtuoso of disenchantment and destruction 42832300 Yes Vmap
Chorus, the temple's priest (undead) 3354000 No Valley
Conan the Swordmaster 3043400 The Legendary Excalibur No City Of Dwarves
Darsh the large skeleton guard (undead) 3301200 Ring of Hell <0>, A trademark Pulsar Watch, Iron Blade Yes Garath's Castle
Duncan McCloud the highlander lord 3072500 No Highlanders
Fu Jin Po, the eternal master of martial arts  ? Cloak: The cloak of witchery, Torso: The waistcoat of defenders, Wielded in right hand: An adamantium cutlass (*MAGICAL*) No Ninja guild
The King of Minotaurs 5124700 No Minotaur maze
Lord Yenorin, the outcast 17808100 No Dragonstown
Ragrabash the great guildmaster of the Barbarians 26508800 No Barbarian guild
A psychic alien called Ras'Gas 9333000 No Dune
Thornak, the Knight of Takhisis  ? Wielded in left hand: The silvery battle-axe of Ice, Wielded in right hand: The mithril battle-axe of Fire No Takhisis
The Ultimate Evil is here, haunting your soul! 4576500 No City Of Dwarves
Xena, the dryad Queen 4854900 Staff: Wooden staff of trees, Bow: A hunters bow No Heals Dryads
Gwaeron, the duke of ChaoS size? Shield of Death, A dragon hide belt, A mithril no-dachi named 'Cutter', Blood red helmet of Rage Yes Cursed Swamps
Kih, Master of fire magic 2000000 A Hat with golden patterns No Heals+Add heals master Element
Grah, Master of earth magic 2000000 A Leggings with golden patterns and green gem No Heals+Add heals master Element
Stan, Master of water magic 2000000 A Crown with golden patterns No Heals+Add heals master Element
Hiva, Master of air magic 2000000 A Belt with golden patterns No Heals+Add heals master Element
Gaar'zhaa, demon lord of the catacombs 2643100 Demon spiked coat, Kuo'Garash the sword of blood Yes WC sewer cata
Huo'gra'za, demon emperor 3294700 Black steel crown, Har'garah belt of fear, Demon's horn Yes WC sewer cata
Hank'ra, wicked lesserdemon 1968900 Demon scale plate Yes WC sewer cata
Lesserdemon servant of Kra'al 1892300 Claws of wyvern <sharpened> Yes WC sewer cata
Uakh'ra, lesserdemon bitch 2.6m Red velvet shirt Yes Kra'al in same room WC sewer cata
Kra'al demon priest 4123300 Blue suede robe <wobbling>, Leggings of the damned, Qnkh'ru, the helmet of pain <shining> Yes Uakh'ra in same room WC sewer cata
The leader of zombies, Khakk, is here (undead) 3m - 5m Onyx chainmail, A ring of blood No Rebels
Zerel, the self-appointed 'the Ruler of the Dead' is here (undead) 5691000 A round shield made of onyx, The dark blue cape of 'the Ruler of Dead' Yes 2 adds in room Rebels

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