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Somewhere in the past a critical matter was set upon the elven race.
Its members were cut in half because of the debate, and that resulted
in the separation of one, strong unity. Drows took up a living under
the ground, creating twisted magic and cultivating their treacherous
society, whilst elves took up their forefathers' ways. Ways of
nature, nature's way of battle, nature's way of battle, nature's way
of life - bend, not break. They are beautiful, slender race. Their
delicate features, sea blue or hazel brown eyes and golden hair make
it always an occasion when an elf visits a human city. They are known
to be highly dexterous, and their charm and wit speaks for them when
considering elven spellcasters. It is often the case that members of
the elven race try to avoid physical contact by their charms, and are
somewhat untuned against brute strength.                             

Stats : 
  Strength       : below average       Dexterity      : very good
  Constitution   : below average       Intelligence   : above average
  Wisdom         : good                Hpregen        : average
  Spregen        : good                Epregen        : average
  Size           : average                              

Other info :
  They gain less experience than humans. 
  They gain a slight bonus to awareness.
  They have an ability to see in the dark.
  They are somewhat fond of outdoor locations.
  They are naturally moderately good aligned. 
  They are naturally a bit resistant to physical damage. 
  They are naturally somewhat resistant to poison damage.