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: :: :.--.  .--.   .--.  .--. ,-.,-.: :   .--. .--.  .-' : .--. 
: :; :: ..'' .; ; ' .; :' .; :: ,. :: :_ ' .; :: ..'' .; :`._-.'
:___.':_;  `.__,_;`._. ;`.__.':_;:_;`.__;`.__.':_;  `.__.'`.__.'
                   .-. :                                        

Legends about this powerful beings run deep within the histories of all
the races. Some believe the Dragon Lords to be the first born Elf lords,
others believe them to be immortal, with claims that the Dragon Lords 
themselves are the reincarnated souls of the long dead dragons that first
walked this realm.

They arrived out of nowhere and no one truly knows who was the first
Dragon Lord. The only confirmed piece of information about them was that
they came to be becouse of the great archwizard Hub. His great power of
mind and magic lured the first dragons to this realm. What is also known
is that each Dragon Lord is bonded to exactly one dragon. The bond is 
life-lasting. The legends tell that the dragons bonded with Dragon Lords
changed their colors while growing in strength and wisdom. However,
the most powerful dragons are said to be surrounded with the everflame

After their brief stay in the Winterkill realm they disappeared as
mysteriously as they appeared. No one knew where they have went or would
they ever return. One day a brave young orc named Grahnatui, fascinated with
the stories about Dragon Lords, decided to find them. After many months
of search and many adventures on the way, he arrived at the gates
of the Dragon Keep. At the beginning, the Lords were unwilling to return,
but the charisma and determination of the young orc convinced them.

Unwilling to return to their previous nests, the Dragon Lords sought
a new location for their Keep. The oldest and wisest of the dragons
- Nemazuun - aided them in this quest. The combined magic of the Lords
and Nemazuun created a new dragon castle located in the mountains northwest
of the Wintercity.

The proud Lords despite their return were reluctant to train new adepts.
It was then that Nemazuun decided to take over the education of the new
Dragon Lords. He also decided that in this realm there can only be ten
Dragon Lords in training. The right to invite new members to the guild was
given to the mightiest of the current Dragon Lords. This person was marked
by Nemazuun with a magical tattoo that granted the control over the guild.  

Few years later, when the Lords have fully settled in this realm, the then
guild leader Xylon invited a young apprentice Athaal into their ranks.
In time Athaal himself became the dragonlords leader and a friend to Nemazuun.
This was the time of changes. After many long debates the mighty dragon
and the guild leader decided that the dragonlords guild should become open
to everybody seeking more in life than violence and ordeal.

It was also the time of chaos. The Winterkill realm became abandoned,
only few of the warriors and wizards have remained. Even Athaal himself left
for a well-deserved rest and resigned from the guild leadership. He went to
the place of solitude to forever contemplate the wonders of magic. He chose
the location far from the Wintercity deep in the mountains.

Nemazuun, displeased with the state of the realm, decided that only the most
longanimous, that sought more in life than just carousing and frolics, could
become new Dragon Lords. He chose to move his guild and followed the footsteps
of his friend. The witnesses claim to have heard a loud flapping of wings
and seen dragons flying in the northeast direction.

Some travelers, wandering through the Winterkill realms, say that because of
the friendship that Athaal and Nemazuun shared with Grahnatui, they decided
to settle in the neighborhood of the not-so-young orc. 

Grahnatui himself was reluctant to speak of the dragons. However, once after
some moonshine casks, he said that Nemazuun has quite a view at the sea from
the mountain top, where the Dragon Lords now reside.

| Guild name                          |  Lvl  |  Max  |
|*Dragonlords                         |   20  |   20  |
|  Dragon healers                     |   10  |   10  |
|  Dragon tamers                      |   10  |   10  |
|  Dragon spellbinders                |   15  |   15  |
|  Ancient dragonlords                |   15  |   15  |
|  Dragon enchanters                  |   10  |   10  |
|  Dragon protectors                  |   10  |   10  |
|  Eternal souls                      |   10  |   10  |

--Glorian 2022