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Located 12 n;12 nw;5 w;nw from WinterCity CS
A nice but not so peaceful land of living plants.

Monsters in this area:

Name Size Eq Aggro Special
A black crowberry with a scarf on his face 39200 Chance to drop of crowberry items
A lingonberry woman searching for something 23500 Chance to drop of lingonberry items
A fat strawberry woman 26800 Chance to drop of strawberry items
A fat strawberry man 27100 Chance to drop of strawberry items
A blueberry is frolicking here 23300 Chance to drop of blueberry items
The King of Berryland 15000
A strawberry-nurse taking care of the king 14800
An ugly ratman 57000 X
Imrel the good witch 117400
Jurgen UNKNOWN Oneshots a newbie